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Attract Your Ideal Reader with Clear and Creative Writing

You have a unique voice! I’m here to help you develop confidence, so you can write engaging content, well-crafted essays/articles, and informative posts that showcase your one-of-a-kind ideas.  Check out my blog for tips and tricks on effective and efficient writing that makes your audience, and teacher, want to read on.

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It’s snowing and thank god we needed it. Jazz is playing and the pines on the hillside are covered in a soft white flufiey fluff that makes the world softer. I’m full swing into this semester, and so far I’m truly enjoying my classes. I have wonderful students, and the conversations and ideas that are…

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A Travel Review of Portland, Oregon

Four days and three nights in Portland, Oregon was a whirlwind of great brews, excellent food, unplanned grandeur, and Oregon’s tale-tale signature, waterfalls. My forever and I met up with two of my best friends whom I have not seen in far too long. They are excellent planners, and we saw parts of this growing…

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Welcome! A Bit About Me

Are you looking for a professional writer to help you deliver high quality content? Are you a student that needs help figuring out how to write a cohesive academic essay? Are you a small business owner who makes and awesome product or provides an amazing service, but you are having a hard time putting your offerings into words? I am here to help!

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"In a world of repetition, I am gently coaxing the courage to use my real voice. You know, the one that you think with, the one your best friend hears, and the part of you that your dog adores. The world needs your real voice. I can show you how to use your real voice and be taken seriously. Form matters, but ideas are priceless." 

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