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You have a unique voice! I’m here to help you develop confidence, so you can write engaging content, well-crafted essays/articles, and informative posts that showcase your one-of-a-kind ideas.  Check out my blog, Content Forest, which explores nature, creativity, and sustainable linguistic choices for businesses and students that make a lasting impact. I like to specialize in tips for evergreen content, hence Content Forest.

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Daily Grind

After a series of travels that have led me to finding the love of my life, and a new part of the country, I am back at the writing board. I’ve become more aware of something I already knew, which is that writing is inside of me and it must be expressed. I’ve been working as a journalist, freelance writer, and creative writer, and I’m drawn to stories about the human condition.

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Happy Birthday Birthrightegous Babe

My birthday came and went this last Tuesday. An occasion that I have thought about for the last year, which is ironic because the year before I forgot about it. Last year I quit looking at the clock so much that I welcomed the opportunity to get lost and boy did I ever get lost.

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