My Story

I am showing gratitude to the source of my pencils.
A picture from hiking through pine-stitched and fern-quilted mountains.

A Digital Storyteller Enamored with Nature

Sarah Kirby is a digital storyteller with a passion for words and education. She crafts blogs, articles, ebooks, email campaigns, and website content that helps the world thrive. A mother of a beautiful girl and wife to a laser engraver, Sarah loves nothing more than soaking up new knowledge and experiences. When she’s not writing or exploring, you can find her baking something delicious, nerding out over the right word to use for her latest poem, or trying to identify her latest wildflower find.

She’s been teaching English courses in higher education for over 5 years and loves empowering her students to write their own stories with confidence. She feels the same way about helping clients and businesses to share their mission, services, and vision through the help of her content and copywriting services.

Currently, Sarah is editing a book of poetry and a young adult novel. She hopes to send these out to publishers soon.

She believes that writing about the world that we wish to live in can make it so.

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