My Story

A picture of me in some of my favorite pine-stitched and fern-quilted mountains.

A Digital Storyteller Enamored with Nature

I’m a digital storyteller with a passion for words and education. I craft blogs, articles, ebooks, website content, poetry, and fiction that helps the world thrive. I’m a mother to beautiful daughter and wife to a laser engraver. When I’m not writing or exploring, you can find me baking something delicious, nerding out over the right word to use for my latest poem, or trying to identify my latest wildflower find.

I’ve been teaching English courses in higher education for over 7 years where I empower my students to write their own stories (and essays) with confidence. I also write articles about community, businesses, and the environment for local, regional, and national magazines in print and online. My content writing includes helping businesses to share their mission, services and visions.

Currently, I am editing a book of ecopoetry that I hope to send out to publishers soon. I believe that writing about the world that we wish to live in can make it so.

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